If you're in the mood for love, you need to go check out soul sensations Lee Fields & The Expressions during Savannah Stopover at Ships of the Sea Museum.

And if you're worried the show is just for lovers, don't be fooled. Fields' music is not necessarily all about that romantic type of love. As he says, his music is all about any kind of love - especially the kind of love that makes you just feel good.

Fields says the title song from his new album, "Special Night," which was released Nov. 4 on Big Crown Records, was written about his wife and the album itself is very important to him.

"I've been married to the same woman for 47 years," he says. "The song is a reflection on how 47 years has gotten more exciting, as well as how we have grown in time. ⦠We learned things from each other every day. And if two people want their relationship to last, you have to treat each night like it's special when you are together."

Fields began his career in 1969 and has released his last four albums on Brooklyn's own Big Crown Records, including "My World," "Faithfulness" and "Emma Jean." He is known worldwide for his soulful ballads, playing to sold-out crowds around the globe.

Fields says growing up in Wilson, N.C., inspired his love for many genres of music, including country.

"I have a great appreciation for different kinds of music," he says. "⦠My mother was a gospel singer and sang in the church. She always wanted to cut a record, but she never did. She was a great gospel singer. So, the church was highly instrumental in forming my musical taste.

"⦠As a matter of fact, I still grow on that North Carolina experience when I write songs ⦠We were a very close-knitted family, and I try to bring that feeling back when I write. That's why the music has a young feeling to it; I try to go to that younger state of mind."

Fields says he is looking forward to getting back to Savannah to share his excitement for the new album.

"When we were there before, people gave us so much love. Love motivates me. I wish there was more love in the world today. It gives me energy when I see people that are really appreciating other people; you know what I mean?

"⦠Love is basically the answer to our problems. When we love each other and try to do things to make them better ⦠it gives a chance for our future generations to be in a real beautiful state of being.

"I try to incorporate that into my music. That is the greatest thing a person can do ⦠is love. ⦠That's what I was raised to believe."

He also says the band plans to play some songs from the new album, as well as some of their old favorites.

"We are bringing something to the people that shows we appreciate them and want to make them happy; that's what motivates me. It rejuvenates me night after night to see people enjoy our music. I'm looking forward to being in Savannah, and I'm going to give everything that I have to give and I'm hoping people will enjoy it so we can have a good time with them."

Lee Fields & the Expressions

9:30 p.m. March 10

Ships of the Sea Museum North Garden, 41 MLK Jr. Blvd.