Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime, right? How about teach a man to enjoy eating fish and accomplish the same thing? Either way you slice it, the AquaCurean has itself a new fan, for more reasons than one.

Nicolas Ogonosky is a senior illustration design major at SCAD. He and roughly 10 of his classmates were asked to come up with a poster for Savannah's newest culinary celebration, AquaCurean, set for April 25-27 at The Westin Savannah Harbor. Five to seven hours locked in a studio later, and Nicolas had a finished product. 

"I kinda just went with the whole seafood, alcohol, live music aspect of it," he said. That, he did.  

"The hardest part was just brainstorming all of the elements," he said.  

The poster just has "celebration" written all over it. A giant martini, live music and seafood. That pretty much covers what this event is all about.

"I wanted to find a way to seamlessly incorporate all of the aspects of the event into a design that was fun yet still maintained a certain degree of elegance," said the Scranton, Pa., native. Mission accomplished.

Ogonosky's piece was selected from a group of roughly 20 entries. For his trouble, he picks up $250 courtesy of the Savannah Harbor Foundation and he gets to attend the festival to try something new. Does he eat seafood? 

"Well, more shellfish," he said. "I'm trying to venture into more and different kinds of seafood."

AquaCurean is a new seafood and cocktail celebration, and weekend of exceptional seafood and spirits will be abundant, with emphasis on the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico coastal cuisine.

The Riverfront Esplanade of The Westin is the location for the Friday evening and Saturday events. AquaCurean is bringing together the international spirits community and some of the most respected names in seafood for an exciting celebration of latest trends and what's next on the horizon in bartending and seafood cuisine.

The AquaCurean Challenge offers something for everybody, from the amateur chef and bartender to professional chef, aspiring chefs, bartenders and spirits aficionados with opportunities to mix and mingle with the brightest minds in cuisine and mixology. A spirited schedule of seminars, dinners, competitions, tasting rooms and new product samplings will provide an exciting weekend of libations and ocean creations.