"Anyone know any good ideas to keep raccoons out of our trash cans? We've been using bungie cords but they take them off and are throwing trash everywhere."

"I think the Savannah Police should call the Georgia State Patrol and get some help for St. Patrick's Day Parade. We don't seem to not have much of a police force with all the arrests and resignations."

"Nothing like the Confederate battle flag to bring out the kooks, the liars, the ignorant, etc."

"To the person asking why people would come into a restaurant 10 minutes before closing: Hey, your sign says open. If you don't want people coming in at 10 minutes to 10 o'clock, then close at 9!"

"Area businesses: Please retrieve your abandoned shopping carts from Apache Avenue."

"To Police Chief Tolbert and City Manager Cutter: Keep sweeping and you'll eventually get all the bad ones off the floor."

"About the new furniture at Olgethorpe Mall - I agree it is very unattractive and uncomfortable. Also, the manager needs to inspect the bathrooms. One of the hand dryers in the bathroom near the food court has been broken for years."

"I own a business downtown, and my landlord is a super busy guy and owns many buildings, but has been going out of his way to help me. I am a first-time business owner and I could not have made it without his patience and willingness to help. He is not just interested in collecting a rent check!"

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