"I was surprised and puzzled to learn at Savannah Philharmonic 'European Enigma' concert that Memorial Health was its chief underwriter/sponsor. Isn't this the same not-for-profit hospital which just reported $45 million operating loss in 2016? Is that responsible stewardship of our community resources?"

"The problem with news reporters is they trust and don't verify politicians. In fact, they should use politicians to get the truth."

"The president's minders need to increase his dosage back up to the level they used for his speech to Congress."

"The president has just discovered a great source for news online: It's called The Onion."

"Everybody seems to be talking about the President's 'Russian ties' - I thought they came from China."

"Texts I would love to see from the president: 'Barack Obama did you tapp my phone?' Barack Obama: 'No sir, President Trumpp.'"

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