Have you shaken all the green glitter out of your hair and washed off the red lipstick yet?

Savannah celebrated another lively (but rainy) St. Patrick's Day, and we've got the photos to prove it. 

See the weirdest ones in this issue, and go to spotted.savannahnow.com to find the rest.

After the weekend party, the city's focus again turns to music, and it's getting serious now, y'all. 

Currently in its 25th year, Savannah Music Festival has pulled out all the stops for this silver anniversary. 

Find all the interviews, bios and a schedule of shows here. Look for more coverage over the next two issues. 

And as the fest gets going, we'll have plenty of reviews for you, too. 

There are too many shows on my radar to list, but for the top picks from someone whose opinion you should trust, read Bill Dawers' Unplugged column. 

There are still tickets left for some shows, so head to www.savannah musicfestival.org to snag yours today!


Heather Henley is editor of DO Savannah. Contact her at heather.henley@savannahnow.com.