When and how was Waits & Co. formed?

Waits & Co. was formed over the last two years; 2012. Jon Waits moved to Savannah and began playing Acoustic Tuesday at Foxy Loxy Cafe.

Jon and Markus knew each other prior to that, and Markus began sitting in from time to time, leading to the formation of Waits & Co. as duo. After performing together for a year, we felt the need to make the sound larger and began asking around for other "interesting" interested musicians.

Coy Campbell responded after several months, and came on board with his upright bass. This trio who forms the nucleus of the band has been together almost a year, playing regularly.

Why did you start playing?

All three band members have been playing various instruments since our early ages (single digits) and have been in numerous bands over the years; all three of us are in our 40s. We write, play and perform music because we have to.

We are musicians and there is a release that comes from putting our emotions, feelings and experiences into song. For some musicians, writing is cathartic ... We are those musicians.

Is all the music originals?

Waits & Co.'s motto is "Original Southern Songwriting."

While we have a couple of cover tunes that we may play during a gig, we are primarily an original group.

We write of the light and darkness of growing up and living the Southern experience. I was told years ago that if I would write about what I know, then my songwriting would always be authentic. We're not a pop band, or people that need to live vicariously ...

We have substance that we have actually lived ... and survived.

Thus far, our three-plus hour setlist is comprised mainly of Jon Waits' songs, with the final crafting and putting into action done as a group.

Our songs find their life by being worked up by all three of us.

Markus does a lot of band orchestrating and Coy is always good with "on the spot" suggestions of what could make the live performance of our music better.

When's the next show and how do we find the music?

We're thrilled to be finally joining the leagues of other Savannah 'working' bands & friends such as The Accomplices, City Hotel and The Train Wrecks, just to name a few.

One highlight show coming up will be Paving Gravy, Waits & Co. and Damon and the 'Kickers participating in the new Sanctuary Concert Series at Trinity United Methodist Church on April 17, but there are plenty of opportunities to see us before then. Very few of our gigs are performances that cost the public anything to come listen to, outside of patronizing a bar and/or restaurant, and we'd love for everyone to have a listen and enjoy our brand of Lowcountry Americana.

Adriana Iris Boatwright is a photographer and lifestyle blogger residing in Savannah. She's in love with the oaks, the arts and the people in the city. Learn more at www.adrianairis.com.