"Tattoos are great when you're young, but what about when you're old and wrinkled?"


"We live next to the new Truman Parkway. Our quality of life is drastically reduced. The wall on one side protects that neighborhood from noise, but projects all the noise on our side. And since noise barricades aren't in the original plan, there is no interest to rectify the situation."

"How are the newly planted palm trees on Victory Drive going to be watered?"

"It seems that as soon as you people step out of your houses, you find something to complain about! How about staying at home?"

"I assume the city sanitation drivers are required to get a commercial driver's license. Is that where they learn to drive over the curb and destroy your flower beds?"

"How can Jack Kingston say that he will go to Washington and stop the spending? He's been in Washington for years and has yet to lower spending!"

"Why do you need a TV Guide channel? Once you see the garbage that is coming on, you'll just turn the TV off."

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