"Maybe Trump will finally be happy when he starts World War III."

"I, for one, like the new crossword puzzle. It is my daily mental aerobics and I want it to be a bit of a challenge."

"My sincere apology to everyone on the Truman Parkway the other day around 6. I was 65 in the right lane and I don't know what was wrong with me."

"For all you Trump haters: Consider his motives. He exchanged a billionaire lifestyle so he (and his family) could be insulted, degraded, dragged through the mud and lied about on a daily basis, all in an attempt to save the people and the country he loved. "

"Trump critics give him too much credit when they say he has an ego, when actually he has only a partially developed, uncoordinated instinctual tendency known as the id."

"I like watching national news in the evening but am really tired of the networks' liberal agendas and all of the ads for Viagra, etc., so I've decided to start reading the SMN with my supper instead."

"Please consider giving us something other than Timothy Parker's crossword puzzles. They are really not enjoyable to solve. I have seen other complaints in Vox about them."

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