Wine, Women & Shoes combines the red shoes with the red carpet.

The classy ensemble partners elegant shoes and superb wines to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Coastal Empire.

Bill Sorochak, Ronald McDonald House executive director, said this year added a twist to the sold-out event.

"Our biggest new addition this year is the Shoe Guys. We have all of our men volunteering to help the women with the wine, the VIP section, the meeting and greeting, the list goes on and on."

Sorochak said the Shoe Guys have their own dedicated website and are all vying to be the "King of Sole."

"It is a voting contest. A dollar a vote, and whoever has the most votes will be the King of Sole, and will be crowned at the event."

The goal is to raise $30,000 through the Shoe Guys for the 30-year anniversary of the house.

"That's the big deal this year! We want to tie everything in the the 30th anniversary," said Sorochak.

One of the 30 contending princes is Brad Tatom, whose own son Zachary was born with a congenital birth defect. Zachary need surgery one day after he was born and Tatom and his family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Hollywood, Calif., during Zachary's recovery.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Coastal Empire provides the home away from home for families when their children are critically or terminally ill. Unfortunately, no one expects tragedy to hit them.

Dec. 2, 2011, changed everything for the Murkison family. After being involved in a severe car accident, their 7-year-old son Ben sustained a life-threatening brain injury. During his recovery, the family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah.

"We love everyone there, and love supporting their work, so that other families can hopefully one day have a miracle child just like Brian," said Ellen Murkison.

When asked what drives Sorochak to keep pushing the mission forward, his voice lowered as he answered, "It's the children."

"Every story, every family, every child is the driving force," he said. "I'm going on my 12th year at the Ronald McDonald House, and I can tell you I've lost 226 kids."

Sorochak cleared his throat, adding: "And I know all 226 of them."

He continued, "It is a critical time in their lives, for the families, and no one asks for any of this. These kids we are supposed to be taken care of, and someone's got to fight for them.

"Our Day One mission is to be a part of taking care of the kids; from the board of directors to our volunteers and staff, everyone is part of that mission. I am fortunate to be a small part of the mission."

Although he shies away from accepting accolades for his work, Sorochak's leadership resonates through his work and the work of the house. Sorochak credits his success to his team and the volunteers.

The Wine, Women & Shoes event exemplifies the innovation Sorochak implemented.

"It is in its fourth year," he says. "We have grown the event and had to upgrade the venue several times now. It is all about the children."


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