"One thing they can do to help with the parking situation downtown is take the Civic Center parking space and make it multi-levels and add more spaces. It's a big area and will hold a lot of cars."

"I would like everybody to notice that the road from Savannah to Tybee looks absolutely beautiful. Be nice and polite and keep trash in your cars and don't throw it out the windows. Keep our highway looking pretty."

"In 1950 I was proud to be a Democrat. Now, I'm proud to be a Republican."

"How much is it costing Chatham County taxpayers to do something as meaningless as Sheriff Wilcher's name plastered on county vehicles?"

"I'm from Effingham County. I think we need a Kroger in Pooler somewhere. I would love to see one."

"A great article in Saturday morning's newspaper by Anne Hart. Really an outstanding article."

"I just don't understand why you continue to print Gary Wisenbaker's editorial and/or essays. Of course they are extremely right-winged, but he is a convicted felon. I just don't get it, and by the way, I love Leonard Pitts."

"Who's going to pay for the latest parking service boondoggle, the new meters, etc.? Downtown residents, that's who! We've had enough!"

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