"Savannah-Chatham police should park themselves on Wilmington Island Road. They could make a killing on speeding tickets. I get passed almost every day by excessive speeders."

"Ever notice how many pit bulls are listed in the 'Pets for Adoption' section?"

"Way to go, Savannah Morning News. Great job of taking on the school board and Jolene Byrne. Nicely done!"

"To the caller who asked about service for an IBM Selectric typewriter: PrinterMasters, 7505 Waters Ave., Suite D-1, telephone 354-1907, can help you."

"Thank you, Keep Chatham Beautiful, for cleaning up all the trash in the woods near Montgomery Crossroad Walmart. Way to go!"

"Build the wall and protect our citizens financially and socially."

"Georgians had better pray that the Senate tosses out Trumpcare. Rep. Carter voted for a bill that will cost our state billions of dollars in lost Medicaid revenue, funding for the CDC and make health insurance unaffordable for hundreds of thousands of fellow Georgians. Don't forget that this domino effect will also cause the closing of more rural hospitals."

"Why hasn't the Department of Transportation placed a traffic light with arrows on Skidaway Road at Ferguson and Norwood avenues? This will stop the terrible traffic issues in Sandfly."

"According to the fourth richest man in the world, Warren Buffett, everyone with an adjusted gross income of $250,000 or greater will get the greatest tax cut from the proposed new tax reform from our so-called president. He also noted that the government's massive revenue drop will have to be supplemented somehow. Get your wallets out!"

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