A mention of Graveface in Savannah instantly conjures up cutting-edge, hip music and related ephemera (after all, they do peddle curiosities).

The proudly eclectic store will play host to a release party for the new album "Iconoclast" by KNife.

Locals will recognize the veteran rapper (who goes by Mack off-stage) as part of Dope Sandwich Productions.

For his latest project, Mack says he collaborated with DJ and producer Mammyth, who is based in Milwaukee. The two met at a show and knew they needed to work together, he says.

His previous solo efforts dealt with personal tragedy and healing. This one, he says, is about "looking outward rather than looking in."

"We geared the music to be a dark parody of popular sounds just to give it all a KNife twist," Mack says.

Mammyth was involved in production after Mack wrote "skeleton demos."

"Somewhere in the post (production), we decided we wanted this to sound like a blend of Nine Inch Nails and Public Enemy. It's the most dynamic record I've ever been a part of," he adds.

The new album comes out on July 4, but locals will have a chance to hear it early at the party June 28, which will be at Graveface Records & Curiosities in Savannah's Starland District.

His newest album features tracks the artist describes as a "connection between serious political, economic and social issues and modern pop culture."

Mack had an adventurous, if nomadic, childhood. His father was a diplomat for the U.S. State Department.

They lived "mainly in different African countries because my mother is Liberian and didn't want me and my siblings to lose that part of who we were.

"I ended up going to high school in Singapore, however, where in my senior year, I started rapping in a band called Some May Not Be."

Mack says he has been making music ever since.

The release party is open to music fans of all ages, though he suggests that very small children might not enjoy it.

There will be music from the album, and Mack will speak about the making of the project, as well as giving context to its meaning.

Mack also plans to offer a live performance of the album in its entirety.

"I might even have some special guests stop by to help out," he hints.