It's a good time to be a babysitter, because business is about to increase.

A new monthly event is providing local couples with a reason to find a babysitter. The Uplifting Comedy Date Night offers a clean comedy showcase with a live band and is designed specifically for religious couples.

Inspiration for the show comes from Greg Smalley of Focus On The Family, who wrote:

"Research shows that couples who engage in fun activities together enjoy deeper intimacy. (But) what once was fun and invigorating can become a mere routine."

Finding fun activities in Savannah has often meant dinner and a movie was the only option for conservative couples. That is about to change.

Uplifting Comedy Date Night will debut Aug. 17 at the Stage on Bay. The two-hour performance will feature clean stand-up comedians, plus the band Tell Scarlet.

"Everything from purchasing tickets to parking has been designed to be hassle-free," says emcee Blake Wittenburg. "We pray that God allows us to bless as many couples as possible."

Scheduled to perform are pastors Mark Andrews and Garrett Huxford, Rabbi Robert Haas, and clean comics Bill Cooper, Ryan Easterbrooks and Jericho Walls, a Biblical comic.

"There is a really enormous Christian community in this area, but not a lot of options for couples to get out of the house," says promoter Jerry Selzer. "Not a lot of couples want to drink."

While this is the first show, if successful, more will follow.

"We want it to be a real night out," Selzer says. "A lot of women have contacted me about doing it as a girls' night out.

"We've sort of styled it as a date night, but a lot of women are looking forward to a girls' night," he says. "That's fine, too."

Thursday was chosen as the best night to hold the event.

"Some churches meet on Wednesday," Selzer says. "The doors will open at 7:30 p.m."

Refreshments will be available for purchase. The Stage on Bay is a great place to hold the date night, Selzer says.

"It's a beautiful indoor concert venue," he says. "We want to encourage people to buy their tickets before they run out."


What: Uplifting Comedy Date Night

When: 8-10 p.m. Aug. 17. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Where: The Stage on Bay, 1200 W. Bay St.

Cost: $14.50 to $30, 21 and older

Info: or search Uplifting Comedy Date Night on Facebook