"I would like to know how some Savannahians feel about the historic sites around the parks downtown when the country's in such turmoil over the historic sites because of slavery."

"Kroger on Wilmington Island: You need to get some more cashiers on the checkout lanes, especially in the late afternoon when people are trying to get home."

"George Washington headed an Army to create the United States. Robert E. Lee headed an Army to separate the United States. There is no comparison."

"Mr. Mayor: Leave Savannah alone. Don't change anything. What are you people trying to do, run me out of business and others out of business? The tourists come to our city because of the old Southern charm, the squares and the beautiful statues."

"I'm from England, and I wanted to know why is it that Germany doesn't recognize Adolf Hitler, but the South seems to glorify the Confederacy? Have they ever thought if they were enslaved, would they want people to glorify those who enslaved them?"

"President Trump is right. You can't just blame one side for the problems we're having in this country. There's more than one side at fault and we'll never get anything accomplished until they look at it that way."

"Will the city consider filling some of the potholes downtown before they start on the beautification of Bay and River street and Broughton and sidewalks and bike lanes somewhere else?"

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