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Savannah Comedy Revue presents Ron Feingold, who combines stand-up and music

  • Comedian Ron Feingold

Savannah Comedy Revue presents Ron Feingold, who combines stand-up and music

06 Sep 2017

After earning a degree in psychology, Ron Feingold hit the road — as a stand-up comedian.

“That was really great with my parents,” he jokes. “I started doing stand-up on my 19th birthday, my freshman year in college.

“It was a competition supported by Certs, the breath mints,” Feingold says. “I took third place my first time as a stand-up. It gave me the bug and I started doing contests every day.”

Not finished with education, Feingold earned a master’s degree in counseling.

“I had this crazy notion I’d get off the road,” he says. “I had just gotten married and wanted to be home more. I wanted to be a guidance counselor, but could only stand it for one year.”

Feingold has passed through Savannah before.

“I worked at the Comedy House Theatre back in the day,” he says. “That was short-lived and a long time ago.”

Only 10 when he first appeared on stage, Feingold was the youngest child in his family.

“The only way I could get attention or get out of trouble was to be funny about it,” he says. “A sense of humor was something that would get me out of trouble, as well as get me some advantages. It becomes a self-defense mechanism I’d use to get out of sticky situations.”

In junior high, Feingold became an actor.

“Every role was a comedic role,” he says. “They were the kind of roles I was always getting.”

As a stand-up comedian, Feingold uses natural things in an unexpected way.

“Stand-up is throwing a right hook at the audience and giving them something that wasn’t expected,” he says. “I have a foot pedal looper so I can sing and harmonize with myself.

“What makes me laugh is the surprise when the audience figures out I’m doing all the vocals. I’m seeing them transform from reacting to jokes to reacting to music.

“I realized I needed music only as a niche,” Feingold says. “I do think an audience remembers what you do rather than what you say.”

At the time, it was a truly unique act.

“Think of all the comedians who all have a nook or niche they fill,” Feingold says. “Carlin was a wordsmith, Gallagher smashed fruit, Roseanne was a domestic goddess.

“Mixing a capella music and comedy had never been done. Originally, I used a CD player and sang with the tracks.

“New technology has made the show even better,” he says. “I’m always doing something different to surprise the audience.”

Feingold’s show is autobiographical.

“I talk about my wife, my children, then the jokes lead to a song,” he says. “There’s another running theme in the show that leads to another special surprise.”

In addition to stand-up, Feingold also does corporate speaking.

“It’s more content-oriented stuff for the customer service aspect of business,” he says. “It’s about how a smile affects business.”

Feingold earned his pilot’s license at 17 “to get girls.”

“I was told I was too blind to be a pilot, my eyes were too bad,” he says. “I wanted to be an airline pilot. I do not own an airplane.

“The eventual goal was to be able to retire and have a seaplane business and live on a lake outside Orlando.”

Feingold says, “I’d buy a seaplane where I could do charters.”

Not that his current job doesn’t offer adventure.

“One of the most amazing experiences was getting the opportunity to perform in Australia,” Feingold says. “I’ve also performed on a Carnival cruise ship.

“The company is amazing, the people are amazing, the whole trip was kind of magical. I met my wife on a cruise ship.

“She was a Minnesota cheerleader at the time,” he says. “She was walking around on the ship. Eight months later, we were engaged.”


What: Savannah Comedy Revue presents Ron Feingold

When: 8 p.m. Sept. 9

Where: Bay Street Theatre, 1 Jefferson St.

Cost: $10, $15 VIP seating