SK8 City is hosting its first video game tournament on Sept. 19.

The competition will include popular games such as "Madden 15," "Call of Duty Ghosts," "Halo: Combat Evolved (Anniversary Edition)" and "Injustice: Gods Among Us."

We had a chance to meet with tournament promoter Eric Thomas to find out more about the event.

What was the genesis for creating this tournament? How did it come about?

Thomas: This whole thing got started when my buddy Josh (who knew the owners of SK8 City) called me and asked how I felt about organizing a gaming tourney. Of course, I was elated.

After the initial call, we drove over to the rink and ironed out the details with the rink owners.

I'm the kind of guy who takes the ball and runs with it. I know a good idea when I hear it. You don't really see many of these tournaments in this area.

What are the prizes a person can win?

Thomas: There are $500 prizes available for the winners of "COD," "Halo" and "Madden." The winner of the Injustice tournament will receive a free one-day pass to next year's Retro Mega Comic Con. The grand prize will be a brand-new Xbox One.

How many people are expected to come out to the tourney?

Thomas: We're expecting around 100 tournament entrants. Hopefully more!

In addition to prizes, will there be a ranking system? Will there be teams competing or individuals? Will there be a championship title match?

Thomas: We'll be running on traditional bracket style. For the FPS games, there will be heats of four to eight players competing for a top spot.

As far as "Madden" goes, games will be one-on-one. Top tier matches and finals will be projected on SK8 City's giant projection screen.

Will there be any other fun things to complement the tournament? For example, what can people expect to do while they are waiting for their turn?

Thomas: Competitors will be free to skate while waiting, or course. We will be showcasing other games not featured in tournament play. These games are still being considered. There is also a fully stocked snack bar on site. Retro Mega Comic Con will be there promoting and offering pre-registration for the con. We're also encouraging cosplay!

Since this is a competition, what advice do you want to give would-be contenders?

Thomas: My advice for players will be to maintain your composure. I know it's easy to get frustrated, but keep your cool!

No foul language or outbursts, please! We're wanting this to be good, clean fun!

To register, Thomas says participants can pay at the door or pre-register by calling or stopping by SK8 City in Pooler.

Thomas also stated that "if this first tourney goes well, then SK8 City plans on monthly or bi-monthly events. The idea of a sci-fi movie night is also being considered."

This is good news for gamers in the Coastal Empire who are looking for more chances at friendly competition.