"Can someone tell me why the newspaper tears evenly from top to bottom but not side to side? It's confusing to me."


"When are young people going to learn to not resist arrest? They'd be alive today if they would just go along with what the police say."

"The letter writer in Saturday's edition was right about Mennonite and the other peace churches. Peace begets peace, war begets war. Christ didn't misspeak or slip up when he proclaimed 'Blessed are the Peacemakers.'"

"It is so good that all the pastors are taking such an interest in the death of Mr. Smith. It is shame that they couldn't have reached out to him sooner when he really needed them."

"I hope all the teachers and state government workers remember that Gov. Deal has not approved a raise for us in over five years. I think it is disgusting. And he apparently supports education."

"To the comment that was joking about terrorists coming into our country from our southern border: You need to stop laughing and get your head out of the sand. This is a reality. They are already coming over our southern border."

"In response to the comment about being tired of never seeing county police patrolling in non-incorporated areas: I can give an answer to that. They're too busy hiding behind trees and waiting for someone to run a stop sign so they can give a ticket. Instead of looking for people breaking into homes or cars."

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