Spitfire Poetry Group is bringing Florida-based recording artist Royce Lovett back to Savannah on Sept. 27 as the headliner for Spitfire Saturday at Muse Arts Warehouse.

Luckily for all the night owls and late-shift workers out there, the event, which will also feature spoken word performances, doesn't get rolling until 11 p.m.

Lovett, who recently signed to Motown Gospel, said he's been meaning to get back to Savannah since his first performance here about a year ago.

"I was like, I gotta come back," Lovett said. "The people there are really cool. I like Savannah anyway. It's right on the water. It has an awesome college life and a cool music scene."

Though he said his label classifies his music as pop or alternative soul, he doesn't think it's that easy to define.

"I would say hip-hop is the center of my foundation, and then on top of that I've built this house of soul and singer-songwriter and folk and very guitar-driven all the way to Bob Marley to Bob Dylan to West Coast battle rapping and things like that," he said.

"... It's kinda hard to put me in a box."

Currently, Lovett's traveling with an acoustic guitar, but he says his performance at Muse will probably also incorporate some looping and his rapping.

"We're going to engage," he said. "I love engaging the audience.

"We can dance, we can move and we can rock."

Admittance to the show Sept. 27 is, in Spitfire co-director Marquice Williams' words, "$7 to sit and $5 to spit."

Lovett's stop in Savannah isn't just another day for the young musician - he'll be turning 26.

"I'll be playing on my birthday," Lovett said. "That's what happens when you're living this life."