The Georgia Music Awards held its second annual awards presentation in June in Atlanta, and founder Omar McCallop wanted to host a festival in Savannah to celebrate the winners and nominees. 

So he approached Liquid Ginger's Ginger Fawcett to help organize the event, culminating this weekend at The Boiler Room in a two-day festival. 

We got the scoop from Fawcett on what Georgia music fans can expect at the shows this weekend. 

DO: How did you get involved with the Ear Candy festival?

Fawcett: Omar McCallop (founder of the Georgia Music Awards) wanted to do a music festival down here, started asking me questions and that started getting me interested in the possibilities, and it just took off from there.

How did the idea come about?

I knew I wanted to do something to raise awareness of the Georgia Music Awards. 

We have had so many nominees and winners, myself included, and I don't think a lot of people/artists even know about it.

Why was the Boiler Room selected as the venue?

I was initially looking for a venue that could hold a lot of people but also the potential of a second floor/second stage. 

I thought of the Boiler Room because Larry (owner of the Boiler Room) had shown me that second floor and had said the options are endless what we could do with this room. 

I got very excited about a second stage with different genres on each.

How were the lineups for both nights selected?

We decided to do hip hop/R&B on Friday and rock/Americana/bluegrass on Saturday. Omar put out some feelers to all the nominees and winners of the GMAs to see who would be interested in playing. 

We got an overwhelming response from some of the most amazing artists in Georgia - so many we really had to narrow it down. We're still getting calls from people to play. 

Something about this town, and being showcased here, is definitely appealing to people. We should capitalize on that. 

Who's coming the farthest distance and/or who are you most excited about seeing perform?

We do have a couple of North Carolina artists that are performing. 

Omar felt it would be great to intertwine those states and let them play in Georgia, and he is doing the same for Carolina festivals for Georgia artists - he is founder of the Carolina Music Awards as well - so that's probably the farthest. 

And who am I looking forward to seeing the most? 

Oh my, that's a tough one ... there are so many great artists. 

I saw Final Draft perform at the GMAs this year and fell in love - their voices are like buttah! They will be performing on Friday night.

Why is this an important event to add to Savannah's music calendar?

It's important for a couple reasons. 

No. 1, for what it started out to be: Celebrating original music and Georgia artists. 

No. 2, it's an awesome fundraiser. We are having a VIP room set up for AMBUCS of Savannah, an incredible organization that helps with differently abled children and adults with an AMTRYKE program and a scholarship for therapy students. A huge portion of the VIP tickets goes to AMBUCS. 

VIP Tickets are $30, and there will be all-you-can-eat buffet, bottomless hunch punch, as well as a midnight champagne toast in honor of AMBUCS and all the AMBUCS family. 

I promise it will be worth every penny!

What makes it special/unique compared to other Savannah festivals?

It's special because there is nothing else like it and because of who and what it stands for: Georgia music and the sweet little organization called AMBUCS. 

How did the Georgia Music Awards get involved, and what's their role in the festival?

Omar has pretty much let me take the reigns. He's done everything with getting the artists to come, and I've handled all the behind-the-scenes stuff. 

The GMAs are very excited about hosting a festival here, and I think it's going to give them a little insight as well into our culture and our artists. It's going to be good for all of us.

What can people who come to the show expect?

Friday night, constant entertainment from all R&B and crazy fun hip hop artists. Saturday night, constant entertainment from rock and American bluegrass artists and even an all-original set from Liquid Ginger. 

I'm super excited about doing an all-original show. And, of course, the AMBUCS VIP room Saturday night.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I just want to thank everyone involved: Portman's, Cumulus Broadcasting, WGSA CW 13, Dadd's production, Kathleen O'Sullivan, The Boiler Room, Savannah Morning News, Georgia Music Awards and especially all our amazing and talented artists.