While they get primed to release a second album, Savannah-based CUSSES facilitate the noise level in the Hostess City, and not only with their own vibrant live shows.

When founding members Brian Lackey and Angel Bond made the move back to Savannah from Los Angeles, they set up on East 40th Street in a former commercial space. While they lived out of the back, they began hosting all-ages, somewhat illegal, rock shows in the front.

The venue/home has since been abandoned by the couple, but No Control, the title of the pseudo-promotional wing of CUSSES and the rocks shows on 40th Street, is still kicking strong.

"It's just friends hooking up friends," Lackey said of No Control.

"It's really about keeping the music family alive," Bond added. "The bands that played there still reach out to us and ask if we can help. A lot of times, we don't put our name on anything. We just connect the bands with the venues ... Ideally, we'd love to have a space. At the moment, we just host."

On Oct. 11, No Control (sort of) presents, for your audio pleasure, CUSSES and Atlanta-based "fun rock" group Baby Baby at The Jinx.

But No Control has been about more than just promoting live music. It began out of a need for an all-ages venue: A place where the under-21 musicians could play for a crowd and not be sanctioned to the curb because an alcoholic drink was too close.

"It's a constant battle to get young kids, and the kids that are of age and want to have drinks around, and parents, together," Lackey said.

Underage drinking is an understandable reason to put laws into place, but in the process of trying to "protect" the youth of Savannah, the city has essentially cut them off from the music scene.

"It's something we really fought and it's why we got shut down," Bond said.

Rebels in every aspect of their lives, CUSSES created their own label to put out their first self-titled album.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, CUSSES has completely finished a second album. They are currently waiting on the vinyl pressings, but have already began distributing digital copies to supporters who donated through the crowd-sourcing website.

They plan on a "soft release" early next year for supporters who purchased the vinyl edition. A public release has not yet been planned. While they released their first on their own label, and might do so again, they are currently in talks with several different labels and are holding off on announcing the public release.

Music labels are set up to facilitate the process of getting the music from the musicians to the audience. They work in several different capacities. For CUSSES, since they have a finished product, the biggest need that a label could fill would be distribution.

"We're being careful, quiet and slow about it," Bond said. "There are some larger labels that are interested. We want to make sure that it's the right direction. I think we've learned a lot from our first record. I think that's why we started our own label and put it out ourselves. We've also learned that to reach the kind of audience that we want, we might need a really good distribution deal with a label."

While CUSSES works out the future of the next album, they will gladly play the songs live for you, if you were not in the crowd that donated to the Kickstarter.

Atlanta's Baby Baby is a mixture of hard rock and indie-pop that will make you want to bang your head and dance like a mad person.

According to drummer Grant Wallace, they created the genre of "fun rock" without much ambiguity.

"We coined the genre fun rock," Wallace said. "We wanted to play rock and we wanted to make it more fun. Thus, Baby Baby was created and hopefully a new genre will be created eventually. That's just been the motivation since then. Just to write fun, catching music and to have fun while doing it. That's the whole reason we're here - it's still fun and it's going to be fun for a long time."

CUSSES was the first band Baby Baby played with in Savannah and the two groups have kept the friendship alive for more than four years now. The Oct. 11 show will be the first time Baby Baby has played The Jinx.