Turtle Folk hasn't changed much in a decade.

"We're basically the same band we were 10 years ago," said Michael McCormic, the band's lead singer. "Except we do have a different bass player.

"We really survived. We've been together for 10 years now, and we all taught each other how to play and it feels really good to still have the same core group of guys together."

Turtle Folk was born from Jamie and Sean Pelliccione's 2000 band Wassaw Sound. As the group grew through high school and then into their college years, they learned about music and matured together.

"These guys started playing together in high school, and we'd get together and jam with each other and teach each other licks and songs and just kind of group up musically together," he said. "We're more than a band; we're best friends and brothers, really."

On Nov. 2, the band and friends will celebrate the milestone with "Turtleween: A Decade of Destruction" at Tubby's Tank House.

The tentative line-up includes Turtle Folk, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, The Train Wrecks, Dr. Dan & The Looters, The Andrew Gill Band and Poetry 'n Lotion.

"We'll be doing a lot of our original music and some surprise covers," McCormic said. "Every Halloween, we learn some interesting covers that we have to surprise people with, so we've got some of that. There will be a lot of jamming with our friends."

The event is planned as a family-friendly venue for celebrating Halloween.

"There will be some stations set up outside for trick-or-treating for the kids," he said. "There's an adult costume contest and we're going to dress up in costume, as well."

Though also the day of the Georgia-Florida football game, McCormic wanted to assure anyone fretful about competing interests that the game will be on at Tubby's.

The band's album "Higher Plan" is available through the iTunes store and on Amazon. The album was produced by Kevin Rose and Shane Baldwin at Elevated Basement.

"We're really excited and we're looking forward to playing music with all our friends," he said. "We don't get to play as much as we used to and we're looking at this as a nice homecoming gig to have fun with our friends and make new friends."