Over the years, Non-Fiction Gallery has exhibited conversational, eccentric shows focusing on themes from human relationships to the concept of the uncanny.

Next, visitors will contemplate the feminine genius through an all-female art show featuring 13 artists tackling this subject in a variety of mediums.

The curators are Jessica Ann Pidcock (SCAD BFA in painting, working in paint and collage), Carolyn Hepler-Smith (SCAD graduate, working in unrefined video to create digital-collage paintings) and Daniela Izaguirre (SCAD painting major, working primarily in ceramics and paint). These rising female artists shared with DO how this show took shape.

Why did you decide on the title Arraigada?

Carolyn: "Arraigada" means rooted in Spanish. It connotes a sturdy permanence of being. By tracing back to the women who have taught, or even raised us, we are able to gain a better understanding of the knowledge that's been instilled in us.

Where did the inspiration for this show come from?

Carolyn: The inspiration came from introspective exploration. The show is, in a way, the answer to many questions we've encountered about what it means to be a young female artist, and what sets us apart from men, artistically speaking. There is a need to expose this internal vat of expression and confusion from which our creative energy stems.

The theme is feminine genius; can you explain this in your own terms?

Daniela: Basically, what does it mean to be a woman? I don't think I will ever stop asking myself that, and I don't think I have arrived to a definite answer. ... I learned that I didn't have to compete with men to be heard or acknowledge or hide my femininity, but rather embrace it and listen to the wisdom of my feminine nature, because there is a purpose for it, and a very exciting and heroic one.

Carolyn: Feminine genius: an acute sense of self-awareness. It is a strong connection to ideas of creation and a woman's perspective in the conception of this phenomenon in the art world.

Jessica: When I think of the feminine genius, I think of the individual, as well as collective, energy that we have as women. There are many things that we have that separate us from men that also allow us to do things that they cannot. ... We want to highlight those common threads that all women have and how they influence us and our lives.

What has this experience been like?

Daniela: I enjoyed seeing our feminine spirits expressed differently in the three of us. This experience is teaching me to recognize the fierce vulnerability of others, to risk and embrace it and to accept it in myself. All this is Arraigada for me.

Jessica: I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with the two amazing women that are co-curating ... We're putting together a show that has a high standard of technique and thought that will be something different than many other all-female shows.