"I noticed Saturday, Oct. 19, in Savannah Morning News there was a picture of friends of Linda Deen in tribute to her memory in Rock 'n' Roll marathon. What a wonderful gesture. And also notice the picture of her friends, showing the best 14 legs ever seen. Who says jogging does not work?"

"My understanding is a lot of movies don't make it to Savannah. Instead of just speculating, those implying that racism is the reason a film isn't brought here should provide facts."

"Savannah is a beautiful, drunken college party town with a crime, drug and gang problem. And now as an added bonus, police corruption with city council and city manager preferential treatment and favoritism. Don't forget the usual asleep, toothless local paper." (Editor's note: We had our coffee and it's fair to say we have a few fillings and mostly all our teeth.)

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