At the forefront of continuing that rich tradition of Southern storytelling is the one-man band of Scott H. Biram. The dirty blues/country hybrid rocker is burning through The Jinx on Nov. 22.

The South has always been full of good storytelling, and music has been the driving voice of stories steeped in pain, beauty, heaven and hell.

The allure of uniquely Southern music has always had its roots in the soul of blues and despondency.

Biram's music shares that sentiment with a '59 hollow-body electric Gibson with worn amps and his angry twang vocals.

He is occasionally joined on stage by a glass slide that is eerily reminiscent of the early days of blues (think Robert Johnson).

The Austin, Texas, resident is currently touring to promote his 10th studio album, "Bad Ingredients," and is busy working on his follow-up, due sometime in 2014.

Biram has emerged in the music scene with a raw sense of musical history that bleeds into his music.

He has garnered high praise from similar blues-based musicians in the last few years, including the infamous Shooter Jennings.

Jennings was quoted in a news release as saying, "I've watched Scott Biram's career blossom from his amazing independent releases to the defining 'Dirty Old One Man Band,' but with 'Bad Ingredients,' I feel he's gotten into a groove that no other artist out there can touch.

"With his unique raw sound and his beautiful, intelligent lyrics, he's created what I think is one of the most important Southern blues rock records in ages. It's fresh, it's dirty and it's incredibly progressive. I'm in awe of a friend, and am infinitely inspired by this badass record."

Biram's music has appeared in several prime-time locations in American entertainment, including the FX series "Sons Of Anarchy."

Beginning in 2000, Biram released five records on his own label, KnuckleSandwich Records. In 2005, Bloodshot Records picked up "The Dirty Old One Man Band" for release. "Bad Ingredients" was the fifth album released by Bloodshot Records.