"Those big birds over Savannah Mall are buzzards. They're waiting for a shopper to drop!"


"It's a shame how nasty and filthy the CAT buses are. It's not sanitary. I hope they do something about it."

"You may call President Obama a joker, but he's a joker who is higher than you'll ever be."

"I did my grocery shopping at Walmart in Pooler and my cashier, Jade, was probably one of the most pleasant people I think I've ever met."

"Considering today's poisonous, ugly culture, what kind of person do you think wants to get a badge and gun and go chasing supposed bad guys? Certainly not the best people we have to offer."

"In reference to the article about teens nearly being hit while walking. On Marco Drive, there is a sidewalk and bike lane. They don't walk on either; they walk in the street. If they don't have enough sense to use what they've been given, then it's no wonder they're getting run over!"

"What happened to the Macy's Parade? You must have been on the wrong station. I got to see everything! I got to enjoy the parade!"

"I guess since Garden City spent all their money on the Taj Mahal, they didn't have any left over to hire someone to answer their phones."

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