Whether you want to create a piece of art or build a backyard chicken coop, you can find guidance and inspiration for both this weekend in Savannah.

First off, if you've been wondering what this backyard chicken craze is all about, join the sixth annual Tour de Coops on Sunday.

They'll give you the scoop on coops to see if it's an idea that will work for your family. 

"I Have Marks to Make" is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the Jepson all weekend.

If this display doesn't make you want to create something yourself, it's likely nothing will.

Featured artists had to overcome their own challenges for this exhibit. After strokes, brain injuries and other major setbacks, some thought they would never create again.

But then volunteers with "I Have Marks to Make" helped them see everyone can contribute to the beauty in our world, no matter their perceived disabilities.

Check out the Free Family Day this weekend, then go out and make your own marks. 

Heather Henley is editor of Do Savannah. Contact her at heather.henley@savannahnow.com.