"The Christmas lights at the Bamboo Farm are beautiful. The best you will ever see!" 

"Does not surprise me one bit about Dr. Murphy and his concern for his patients and their families. I could name a few more in Savannah that I have witnessed the same concern over the years."

"When dad retired after 25 years as a peace officer, I asked him to reflect on those years. He said he was proud that he never used his slapjack on anyone and happiest that he never had to shoot anyone."

"Does anyone in the Savannah area sell blue spruce Christmas trees? I seem to recall seeing them years ago, but haven't been able to find one for a long time."

"To the person who called saying they would never have a flu shot: The flu kills young children, the elderly and those whose immune systems are compromised. As a bone cancer patient with a compromised immune system, I'm grateful to my family for getting a flu shot."

"Charleston tour guides are all certified. European city guides receive extensive training. Our historic tour guides need to be highly trained and certified and represent Savannah correctly."

"I noticed an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair, in a bus waiting area. In passing I heard the word 'Teleride.' I asked the gentleman if he was waiting for Teleride. He stated he had been waiting for an hour and a half. Several calls to CAT Teleride, all I could get was a busy signal. I finally left the area and approximately two miles away, I saw a Teleride vehicle parked in a church parking lot with no riders on board. Why offer such a service if there is no service when needed?"

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