"People need to learn to look on the bright side. General Sherman was the father of urban re-development."

"All these protestors that are able to protest night and day. How are any of them holding down a job?"

"I've been watching the Atlanta Falcons games for over 40 years. I resent the blackout by the NFL. Is anyone else out there wanting to boycott the NFL sponsors? I am."

"I was having a conversation with a friend and used the term 'oxymoron.' He got a look on his face which indicated that he didn't understand the word. I gave him the definition but he was still confused. Even a few examples didn't help. Then I got an idea of the perfect example. I said think of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He immediately got it."

"Why do the meter maids only work downtown? Bring them to the Southside and they could write a bunch of tickets for parking the wrong way on the street."

"All you dog owners better take care of your dogs. I'm suing one of my neighbors and watching the other one real close. Your dog goes in my yard and I'm just going to shoot it. Understand? Control your animal."

"Please God, tell me that it is true that O.C. Welch is considering running for mayor."

"The person who thinks that people are sleeping under the bridge because Americans are greedy or don't care has obviously never spoken with someone who is homeless. Why not volunteer to feed the homeless or at least spend some time with them and you'll find that there is a variety of reasons that they're homeless."

"I live on Montgomery Crossroad and I have the best newspaper carrier! Merry Christmas!"

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