Everyone knows how it works: If you've been nice throughout the year, Santa will bring you presents. If you've been naughty, Santa won't bring you anything but a lump of coal.

But on Dec. 20 at The Wormhole, the bad crowd can do without Santa, because all things naughty will be celebrated at this year's Fetish Fantasy Christmas Ball and Winter Solstice.

Hosted by party promoter extraordinaire Chris Cook, the Christmas/fetish themed party is packed with events ranging from fetish burlesque performances to fetish play demonstrations.

"The party is going to be a little chaotic, but a contained chaos," Cook says.

Although Christmas/fetish attire is not required, those who want to dress up can enter the costume contest and win prizes brought by party sponsor Starship Enterprises of Savannah, a local adult novelty shop.

"People will be dressed scantily in Christmas clothing. You'll see a lot of black leather. You'll see a lot of chains. You'll see a lot of dog collars. People will be carrying around whips," Cook says.

The Tied and Tasseled Cabaret, a local fetish burlesque group, will be performing "Kinky Christmas Peepshows" twice during the course of the party.

People can also get a taste of light fetish play in two designated "play areas" in which dominatrixes will demonstrate candle wax body drippings and clothespin skin pinching.

"Voyeurism is a type of fetish," Cook says. "If you don't want to play, you can just watch what happens in the play area."

Industrial dance music will be provided by Analog Kid, a DJ who has been working theme parties with Cook for almost 15 years.

Another performance includes a needle corset demonstration, in which a woman will have her back turned toward the crowd and use a needle and thread to weave a corset - through her own skin.

Those who are new to the ideas of fetishism shouldn't be steered away by its taboo nature, since it's not only about spanking and whipping.

"The definition of fetish is something odd or something peculiar that gives you pleasure," Cook says.

"For instance, my fetish is cross dressing. I like going out and wearing women's clothing in public. It's kind of my alter ego," he says.

Savannah's fetish enthusiasts still have mostly underground events. People network through websites, but rarely have public events that bring them together.

"The fetish community is kind of out of sight; they do mostly private events and private house parties," Cook says. "But there are all kinds of people coming to this fetish party, like goths, fetish people, hippies and 'muggles' - the normal folk."

"It's also for people who just like theme parties in general," he says.

In addition to all of the exciting events, the naughty folk can't help but be a little nice, because the party is also a toy drive. Guests are encouraged to bring new, unwrapped toys to be donated to Toys For Tots.