"Too many log truck accidents in this area. They are unsafe and the DOT is not doing their job. No log trucks should be on the road when it is dark."

"37th Street during morning and evening commutes should be a no-parking zone. People drive like maniacs going around these cars. Someone is going to get injured."

"The city should consider instituting a 'stop and frisk' policy for the police. No doubt, many illegally carried handguns would be confiscated and removed from the streets, thereby reducing the number of gunshot-related injuries and deaths. 'Stop and frisk' is a policy worth the city's serious consideration."

"Why doesn't the city and county enforce the law? Please, someone in authority, tell us. The writer's mention of the 12 signs at the Victory Drive exit ramp from Truman Parkway is a great example of the abuse businesses are doing to our landscape. Enforce the law, please."

"This will be my 72nd Christmas, and I can say that I don't remember seeing a prettier Christmas tree than the one at Savannah Mall."

"Well, it finally happened. I almost had a head-on collision with a car on Whitefield Avenue because the other driver could not navigate through the orange barrel nightmare. The car ended up on my side of the road and luckily I was able to weave into the 'don't-know-why-it's-still-closed lane' to avoid an accident! The construction on Whitefield is an abomination. Does someone have to die in the orange barrel maze to get this project completed?"

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