Based out of Athens but with two members originally calling Savannah home, up-and-coming rock band Lullwater will return to the Hostess City to once again perform at The Jinx with American Mannequins.

Consisting of John Strickland on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Brett Strickland on lead guitar, Roy Beatty on bass and Joe Wilson on drums, Lullwater formed in 2007 and has been touring since 2009, but they always enjoy the opportunity to return to Savannah and perform.

"It's always great to come back home and play here," said Brett Strickland, who is originally from Savannah.

"This is our fourth or fifth time playing here and we are pumped to be playing at The Jinx again," added Wilson, also a Savannah native.

"It's a great venue to play in, the patrons are great and we are just incredibly excited to be here in the music scene again."

Since beginning touring in 2009, Lullwater has crisscrossed the United States playing up and down the Atlantic Coast, in and around the Midwest, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Seattle. They were also featured on VH1's list of "Bands You Oughta Know" for the month of December.

They describe their group as an eclectic mix of musical backgrounds and tastes, such as Southern blues and reggae. Their main sound, however, is mostly influenced by grunge rock of the 1990s.

This is fitting, too, since they recently released a self-titled album in September that was recorded and mixed in London Bridge Studio in Seattle.

Serious music fans may be familiar with London Bridge Studio as the place where Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains recorded their famous albums "Ten" and "Facelift," respectively.

"Being able to record an album there - it was surreal," Wilson said. "It was just incredible to look on the wall and see 'Ten' and know that we were actually there, following our dream and following in the footsteps of some truly great ones."

"The process solidified us as a band," Strickland said. "We really came together and learned more about each other as friends, as colleagues and as a band as a whole."

You will not want to miss this show either, as Lullwater has an aggressive touring schedule come next year. In fact, Lullwater may not be able to make it back to Savannah until at least next spring.

"Starting in 2014, we will be touring for well over 200 total days, all over the country," Wilson said. "We love to be out on the road, and we're starting to grow into a family, and it's certainly encouraging us to do more and put ourselves out there as much as we can."

So whether you are familiar with Lullwater or not, if you dig real rock, you might want to check these guys out in a venue they love to play in.

"We hope that both those familiar and unfamiliar with us will come out and join us Saturday," Brett Strickland said.

"We really put it all out there for our live shows - real rock, no crazy effects - just music."

"You'll want to see the American Mannequins, too," Wilson said. "They are solid acid rock with some seriously legit lyrics."