Their demeanor is as lighthearted and aloof as their name and sound, a ragtag mix of influences from all genres.

2ToneFish, which can be seen jamming at Wild Wing Cafe, Rachael's 1190 or City Market, is a four-piece in the stage of quasi-self-discovery, playing a bit of everything with a singular goal in mind: pleasing the crowd.

DO caught up with the band prior to their Dec. 21 show at Rachael's 1190.

You guys got your start a year ago?

Jason Lamson: About a year ago. Josh and I played acoustic together for at least three to four months, and then we decided to pick up a drummer, then we decided to pick up a fourth and it kinda grew from there.

Ian has only been with us for about three months now, but it's working out well. We enjoy it.

Ian Doyle: Yeah, I'm the newbie. They didn't really tell me any of the songs the first time. They sent me like a list of songs and we showed up at the first gig on Wednesday.

Josh Johansson: We made it work. It sounded good.

Lamson: We don't practice; we've just been notorious to not practice. We just don't.

Johansson: This sounds so bad.

Lamson: Yeah it does.

Johansson: But the music sounds good.

Isn't that the essence of a jam band anyway, coming together haphazardly?

Lamson: Yeah, but the thing about it is that we're not necessarily a jam band.

We don't want to put ourselves in that category. Because that's really a bad stigma sometimes. We do some jam band-infused kind of stuff, because it is fun.

Johansson: We have jam band tendencies.

Doyle: I think we do more medleys. We'll like throw a bunch of songs together as opposed to just kind of going off.

How would you more definitively describe your style, then?

Johansson: Ugh.

Lamson: Yeah. It's hard to say.

Johansson: We've all got our own backgrounds. I like Southern rock. These guys like harder rock.

Hodgson: I'm more loud guitars and hard rock. Four chords? Yes. Let's go.

Doyle: I like a wide variety, but drumming-wise, a lot of it is classic rock and jazz.

Johansson: We really just say we play everything. We do mostly covers. We have a couple of originals.

Lamson: We do a lot of covers. It's hard to infuse originals, a lot of it, at one time, into a show, because people don't get into it right away. A lot of the places we play around here, they want to hear stuff they can jam to, they can sing to, they can dance to.

Hodgson: It always comes back to playing more party rock, entertainment.

Doyle: You have to play things people know and can dance to before you throw in originals, or else they're just going to be confused.

Is that where the future lies for y'all?

Lamson: I'm in the mindset, also, to where - and I know Josh is, too, for sure - of we kind of want to shy away from that a little bit. At least start breaking that mold some. I'm ready to get our own sound out there, start something new about that band.

It seems kind of hodgepodge now, so is there a long-term goal in mind?

Lamson: We like a little bit of funk, something that rides a little bit. ... We don't want to stick with one single genre all the way through.

Johansson: We don't have that original foundation of a genre to stick to, but we will try anything. We go from old soul music to hip-hop. Southern rock to crazy new rock. Crazy stuff that I haven't even heard.

What's the crowd reaction to that change up?

Johansson: I think it's fun.

Lamson: People like it, too, because we tell them we've never done it before. We roll with it.

Do you guys have an EP or album out yet?

Johansson: We're actually working on originals now.

Doyle: It's kind of like a bluesy-Southern rock thing.

Johansson: We have to have material first.

Lamson: I guess that's the hardest part - figuring out what we want to sound like - because when we're sitting there writing on our own, it's totally different stuff.

Johansson: That's what's cool. When we do finally get together, that's when we see the ideas coming together. That's why we can't point out a single genre, because everyone's influences come in and just make something cool out of it. It's like the melting pot of music.

Final thoughts? Free verse it.

Hodgson: [Stomps and claps.]

Johansson: One of the funnest things about playing music is seeing people get a smile on their face, really diggin' the music. So as long as that keeps happening, our band will stay pretty solid.