"My wish for 2018 is a new POTUS."

"Well, you Republicans have to be proud of yourself. You've given the big corporations in America a huge tax cut, you've given billionaires a tax cut and you give middle class Americans basically a tax increase. So you Republicans who are middle class: You got exactly what you deserve, enjoy it."

"I too am a senior citizen in Rincon and my mail is delivered after 7 p.m. And in reference to our 2 percent raise on Social Security, my monthly amount has dropped $25.20."

"To all those crybaby Trump haters: Get behind our president. He's done more for our country in one year than Obama did in eight."

"You know what would make me really, really so happy? Is if the newspaper stopped printing Streeter and Murphy. Merry Christmas."

"I just got done speaking with my accountant about how much money I'm going to lose in this new tax bill as a middle class member, and yet just read how much Trump and Corker are going to make from this new tax bill. Way to go, GOP."

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