"The management of Sony Pictures did a magnificent job in marketing their movie, 'The Interview.'"

"Thank you SMN for publishing the top salaries of the respective nonprofit organizations. It greatly helped me with a 2015 new year resolution to redirect my charitable contributions."

"Include me with those that are against golf carts on county streets. And if they are approved, please make an exception and prohibit them on Suncrest Boulevard on Talahi Island."

"Savannah's mayoral race is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Run O.C. run!"

"If a golf cart hits the car or the car hits the golf cart, it will be bad for the golf cart."

"To show your support for law enforcement, tie a blue ribbon around your mailbox, tree or front door. They give their lives and put their lives on the line for our community every day. Support them."

"The slowpoke law goes along with the cell phone when driving law. We can't enforce either one in this county. Come on, police."

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