Whether you love her or hate her, everyone lately seems to have an opinion of Paula Deen and her admission in a lawsuit deposition that she has used the "N" word.

Just as quickly as she's lost endorsement deals, fans and business partnerships, others have leapt to her defense.

Among them is a mystery person who has wood, paint and lots of American flag stickers.

This sign recently popped up near the intersection of Victory Drive and Mechanics Avenue in Thunderbolt.

You can knock at least two suspects off the list: Oprah Winfrey (doubt she'd call herself "Okra") and the guy who keeps emailing us about his campaign to get Winfrey the Nobel Peace Prize.

He wants us to do a story demanding that Deen apologize personally to Winfrey.

No matter who it is, it's not the first time a local has taken to art to express his or her opinion about something.

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