"Someone steals a grocery cart and the city blames the merchant? Go figure."

"Both the BiLo and Publix in Beaufort are selling newly expensive chicken wings with half the drumette cut off. That calls to heaven for vengeance!"

"Wow! I hope that pile of sour grapes that Middleton put out didn't get over the top of his $400 shoes."

"What were you doing in JC Penney? I am literally putting my money on Paula."

"Why do people throw their trash on the ground in a parking lot when there are five or six trash cans around? This is a basic skill you should have grown up with!"

"A stupid person is stealing stop signs on Wilmington Island. Please be careful at intersections."

"I'm glad the city is finally doing something about the shopping carts. When are they going to do something about the roadside crosses?"

"To all of you grocery cart thieves. Every grocery store sells a portable cart for under $20. Get one."

"Savannah is No. 1 in the world in two categories. The most beautiful women in the world, and the worst drivers in the world!"

"Stop our young adult children from being sexually victimized by Hollywood! Ban the movie 'The To Do List!' Stop Hollywood from making your teens think that lewd sexual behavior is fun/funny!"

(Editor's note: You can find the review for 'The To Do List' on page 33.)

"I just saw the funniest bumper sticker. 'Monica Lewinsky's Boyfriend's Wife in 2016' What a hoot!"

"It surprises me. Kia Hyundai and Honda came to this country to sell good cars at an economical price but now all of them cost more than American cars. So go buy American!"

"Since when do the security people at The Landings get permission to use drones for security?"

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