There was something a little strange about the 14 contestants walking the stage clad in swimwear and their best formal gowns Aug. 3 at the Alee Shrine Temple.

Their legs were hairier, their voices a little deeper - and then there was the occasional beard.

More than 300 people showed up to watch these "ladies" strut their stuff during the third annual Womanless Beauty Pageant sponsored by the Wenches, the Ladies Auxiliary for the Alee Pirates. The proceeds from the pageant, which featured swimwear and evening wear competitions and a little live entertainment from the contestants, will benefit Shriner's Hospital, Alee Temple and various other projects supported by the Wenches.

"The guys have gone all out. We have some that got spray tans, false eyelashes and one guy even shaved his legs," said Olivia Thompson, Wench president. "We try to get it as close to Miss America as we can. The competition is tough."

Tonya Wise was on hand to support her brother-in-law, Michael "Mzzz Honey Boobalicious" Hodges and her niece's fiancé, Lee "Mzzz Shanida Lawya" Creely.

"They both have spray tans, professional makeup and wigs.

"Our kids have always done pageants, so they're loving this," Wise said.

Hodges' wife, Terri, said her husband spent the week preparing by researching dance moves to his song, "Brick House" and practicing his speech.

"All week he'd been acting so calm, but now he's getting butterflies in his stomach," Terri Hodges said. "We've got four tables full of people and half of them are people he works with, so he's pretty stressed."

But the preparation paid off, as he was awarded the People's Choice award and first runner-up.

"At first I was nervous, but then I got in my element and I enjoyed the crowd and all of the cheering. I had a blast, but I'm burning to death in this dress," Hodges said.

At the end of the night, Chris Barnes, better known as "Mzzz Anna Rexia" took home the title of Mzzz Pink Pump 2013.

Barnes said he had lots of help from his female friends when it came to picking out his evening dress and styling his hair.

"I'm wearing their dress. It's kind of embarrassing, but I'm proud," Barnes said. "We had fun and raised a lot of money for a good cause, and that's all that matters."