"Beach High School alum organization could have raised funds by selling the bricks from the old building."

"The proposed Hyperloop reminds me of an old Dick Tracy character: Diet Smith, and his concept of magnetic-powered space travel."

"I have the best parents in the world."

"It was so nice to see the headline 'Race claims dismissed against Paula Deen.' I hope all those who cast the first stone are embarrassed now. And I won't be doing any business with those companies who dumped her."

"Speaking of roundabouts, people will ask me where I've been and I'll say, 'Oh, round and about.' Does this have the same meaning?"

"I, too, have many calls from John about an alert system. I was told to dial *60. It works!"

"This country is so screwed up. But I don't know where else to go!"

"We need some restaurants on the eastside, preferably near the corner of Skidaway Road and Victory Drive, instead of more fast-food places. Come on, O'Charley's or Ruby Tuesday. Even a Fatz or a good steakhouse would do."

"Until Savannah gets Cronuts and Umami Burgers, it will never be a foodie town."

"I've traveled the streets of this town for years and I've got to say, Savannah has the best-looking women in the South. I salute all of you, because you all got things going for you."

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