"While driving through downtown, I saw an idiot on a moped texting!"

"My life is certainly better than it was 50 years ago. Work hard and get an education and you just might get your dreams. We all have to work together!"

"There they go again. Georgia Public Broadcasting and their propaganda!"

"What is with the left turn green light at the intersection of Abercorn and White Bluff? It stays green for about five seconds!"

"Why do you people pull out into traffic and then pull your phone out? Make your phone calls before you pull out into traffic! Quit wasting other people's time!"

"When is Savannah going to landscape Victory Drive? There is nothing but palm trees, azaleas and dirt. They've done MLK, 37th Street and the Waters Corridor. When are they going to take care of our beautiful Victory Drive?"

"State law says that you have to stop for pedestrians when they are in the crosswalk. Not when they see you coming and jump out in front of your car!"

"They can give whatever reasons they want for gas prices jumping but the real reason is G-R-E-E-D!"

"Somebody want to tell me what happened to Jeff Taylor and Big 98.3? Why is it now country?"

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