"To the person who wrote about the Civic Center being built in a bad neighborhood: That was a racist remark. Where should the Civic Center be built? On the Landings? Give me a break!"

"The chosen location for the new Civic Center is absolute idiocy. All one has to do is look on the Savannah-Chatham police department's interactive crime map and see that it was a bad choice. I know many people that will not attend one function there because of the possibility of crime."

"The IRS will allow same-sex couples to file a joint return. Will the state of Georgia do the same?"

"Thank you for the caller that was letting us know that Paula Deen's items were at Tuesday Morning. There's far more hate in the heart of the caller who won't shop at Tuesday Morning because they carry Paula Deen's products than there's ever been in Paula Deen's heart."

"To the person who won't be shopping at Tuesday Morning because they are carrying Paula Deen's items: You're right. Racism is alive and well. Because if you can't forgive something that happened 30 years ago and start living in the present, you've got a serious racism problem."

"Haven't our politicians learned anything from the mistakes made in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?"

"I'm sure the young lady would rather have her leg than the money."

"Wow, some of the comments calling in about the tipping and the restaurants - that's all government-driven. The restaurants have to pay a certain amount of tax whether you tip or not. People need to be more informed about this. They obviously have never been on the other end serving people."

"To everyone who has an underscore in their email address: Please change it. It drives me crazy. It doesn't take much, does it?"

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