Do Savannnah

Bradley Mullis


Northbound, Lost Boy, Kinder Than Wolves lead Coastal Rock’s latest at Sulfur

13 Jul 2016

Coastal Rock Productions founder Tim Walls has proved on multiple occasions that he’s not simply a one-trick pony when it comes to producing concerts. 


Brazilian punks The Pessimists bring tour to Savannah

10 May 2016

Brazilian band The Pessimists have been on a full U.S. tour since the beginning of April to showcase their meticulously manicured post-punk sound before heading home. 


Gov’t Mule will reminisce with huge music catalogue in Savannah

13 Apr 2016

Warren Haynes is no stranger to the Southern rock music scene, gaining notoriety early in his career as a guitarist for acts like The Dicky Betts Band and David Allen Coe


Waka Flocka Flame hits Elan Savannah

22 Mar 2016

Atlanta-based rapper Juaquin Malphurs made a rather peculiar name for himself on Clayton County streets at the young age of 19, but it was a name he had no intention of letting anyone forget.


Barrelhouse South hosts six bands at Road to Sweetwater 420 Festival

14 Mar 2016

Barrelhouse South will be hosting their own Stopover-esque gathering as they attempt to grab their share of bands headed to The Sweetwater 420 Festival, held annually in Atlanta.


Garden Giant: Young Savannah band plans to focus on recording after Stopover

03 Mar 2016

Local band Garden Giant rose from a successful Craigslist connection after drummer Luis Salazar met his match with bass player Brad Shields. 


Widespread Panic keeps up music marathon with sold-out Savannah show

23 Feb 2016

There comes a time when a band begins to transcend to a higher plane: as money and recognition grow old and familiar, they may no longer captivate the way they used to. 


Broken Glow releases first full-length with brewery party

17 Feb 2016

Broken Glow is a band that has proven their tenacity time after time: The 8-year-old band took shape in Hartford, Conn., before moving to Brooklyn for three years. 


Dad Joke celebrates anniversary with Protomartyr at The Jinx

10 Feb 2016

Almost a full year has passed since the creation of local booking/promotional collective Dad Joke, consisting of Joseph Kapcin, Joshua Sterno and Daniel Lynch.


Black Tusk never too big for the hometown crowd

03 Feb 2016

Teeth marks line the cobblestone streets of Savannah as a reminder of the fangs Black Tusk has cut here in their rise to success.


Stopover lineup party features three local bands in free show

27 Jan 2016

Throughout the past six years, Savannah Stopover has become the festival that has put the city on the map in terms of attracting touring musicians on their way to Austin, Texas.


Scott H. Biram brings bluesy country sound back to Savannah

19 Jan 2016

It is a difficult task to describe the arc of award-winning one-man band Scott H. Biram’s musical career.


Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones join triple bill at The Jinx

12 Jan 2016

As the average temperature plunges into the mid-40s, coats, scarves, gloves and hats are making a rather rare appearance around our beloved swampland.


The Sentient Bean gets loud with Echo Courts, Sink Tapes, The Lipschitz

06 Jan 2016

While the closing of Hang Fire has left the state of Savannah music in a rather precarious predicament, an old venue that never really went anywhere is reminding all of us this week that it’s still around: The Sentient Bean.


Wet Socks, The Nude Party and Grimsel kick off the new year in Savannah

29 Dec 2015

The past few weeks of holiday rush have surrounded downtown Savannah with a very calm, almost relaxed sort of feeling.


Folk punk comes to Savannah with Nana Grizol

16 Dec 2015

Folk punk has always been seen as a rather enigmatic genre of music, the marriage of two complete opposites.


Canadian grindcore band F*** the Facts back at The Jinx

07 Dec 2015

When it comes to underground heavy music, it is hard to imagine the lifespan of a band as being longer than five years; for a grindcore band, it’s even shorter.


Dad Joke branches out into festival zone with two-day Punk Mess

11 Nov 2015

2015 has been an exhausting year full of hard work for local booking/promotion collective Dad Joke, albeit one that has been full of success. 


July Talk, Little Hurricane headline All Hallows' Eve Bash

28 Oct 2015

As the spookiest time of year unveils its leathery wings to descend upon the world once more, Savannah’s own MusicFile Productions is gearing up for the holiday by hosting an All Hallows’ Eve Bash at Dollhouse Productions on Oct. 30.


Graveface hosts four bands at Dollhouse Productions

21 Oct 2015

As the temperature begins to cool and the winds bite down a little sharper, shows start to thrive in abundance around the Lowcountry. During this period, we begin to see Ryan Graveface peep his head out of his dark record store on West 40th street to celebrate his favorite month. 


Graveface Records & Curiosities hosts anniversary party, horror film fest

13 Oct 2015

For the fourth year in a row, wax lovers and patrons of Graveface Records & Curiosities will vacate their dwellings to descend upon the small store as Ryan Graveface throws his annual party to celebrate what any normal business person would refer to as “success.” 


Insane Clown Posse roars through Lowcountry with P.O.D. and more

07 Oct 2015

In 1989, a rather bizarre wind began to blow through the city of Detroit, taking on the different odors of the dismal industrial parks and the cold winters that populate this southeastern part of Michigan. 


Kylesa brings crushing, unexpected sound to The Jinx

07 Oct 2015

It’s important to know what forces inspire ingenuity in artists, but when posed with this question, Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants of Kylesa had a surprising response.


Dope Sandwich celebrates 10-year anniversary in style

15 Sep 2015

As one of the longest-running DIY collectives in the underground (and above) Savannah music scene, Dope Sandwich is pulling out all of the stops Sept. 18 with a 10-year anniversary party at The Jinx.