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Clinton Edminster

"What's Up, Starland?"

Clinton Edminster is executive director of Art Rise Savannah. Visit:


What’s Up, Starland? Roving muralist Mary Lacy comes to Savannah

01 Feb 2017

Murals in the Starland District are definitely not a new idea. But nevertheless, when one comes around, it’s a reason to celebrate another victory for the arts, for the community and for the dedicated artists behind the project.


What’s Up, Starland? Art Rise Savannah tweaks Art March schedule

03 Jan 2017

The new year is finally here! And with it are some exciting changes to Art Rise Savannah’s First Friday Art March. 


What's Up, Starland? First Friday Art March back after series of cancellations

01 Nov 2016

The Starland District’s monthly art event is back! After two consecutive cancellations due to Hermine and Matthew, we are excited to announce that the First Friday Art March is back in the saddle with an impressive lineup of local arts.


What's Up, Starland? Art can change the world, one neighborhood at a time

30 Aug 2016

UPDATE: The First Friday Art March has been canceled due to expected poor weather Friday night. 


What's Up, Starland? Pups on Parade at First Friday Art March

03 Aug 2016

This Friday marks Art Rise Savannah’s 54th First Friday Art March in the Starland District and our first time partnering with the Friends of Animals of the Coastal Empire. 


Weather update: 50th First Friday Art March teams with Better Block for special event

30 Mar 2016

Due to a heavy chance of rain and a tornado warning issued this morning, Art Rise Savannah and the SDRA have made changes to the Friday schedule.



    What's Up, Starland? See you at the Art March

    02 Mar 2016

    Almost 49 months ago to the day, a small group of local businesses in the Starland District got together and started planning out the first Art March. 


    What's Up, Starland? Art March staff excited to be back for 2016

    03 Feb 2016

    The Art March is back! Since our hiatus in January, the Art Rise Savannah team has been working overtime to develop an even better year of accessible arts and culture.


    What's Up, Starland? Looking toward an even better art scene in 2016

    29 Dec 2015

    As I sit down and ponder the upcoming year, I can’t help but think 2016 is going to blow this past one out of the water.


    What's Up, Starland? Ossabaw treasures up for auction

    23 Nov 2015

    I’m looking at a large metallic disc, like an upside down bowl, painted in bright cherry red flamboyantly displaying the iconic white font of America’s favorite cola beverage. Turning to Amanda Everard, president of Everard & Co. Antique Auctions, she notices my puzzled look and responds, “The Coca-Cola sign ... there’s a good story behind that one.” 


    What's Up, Starland? Relationship symbolizes city’s need to work together

    04 Nov 2015

    Exactly 912 days ago, Lauren Flotte was elected president of the board of directors of Desotorow Gallery Inc. by myself and Astoria Jellett. Thus began my longest and most incredible relationship with another human outside my nuclear family. 


    What's Up, Starland? Art Rise adds Warhol Factory Party to the schedule

    30 Sep 2015

    It’s that time of year when things in Savannah pick up. A lot. More events, more elections, more people, more parties, more of everything. Fortunately, I revel in making it difficult for you to make an easy decision on what to do this Friday night. 


    What's Up, Starland? Indie Arts Market gets new location

    01 Sep 2015

    It’s that time of month again! Art Rise Savannah’s First Friday Art March features more than 17 locations, from The Florence on Victory Drive to The Mansion on Forsyth Park, and so many more in between. 


    What's Up, Starland? Explore new territory at 40th Art March

    04 Aug 2015

    Aug. 7 will mark the 40th First Friday Art March. That’s quite an achievement for our organization, Art Rise Savannah, and we have so many people to thank for helping us get here.


    What's Up Starland? Artists share stories at next Art March

    30 Jun 2015

    Stories weave the fabric that holds our communities together. We use fiction to help us understand the complex situations in our lives and by sharing these stories, we can begin to relate, to heal and to grow.


    What's up Starland? Art March showcases all of Savannah’s flavors

    29 Apr 2015

    About a year ago I began to notice that every month’s Art March takes on a conversation and flavour of its own.


    What's Up Starland? Imagination can spur great things in Savannah

    01 Apr 2015

    ​“You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else are they to become?”


    What's Up Starland: Art March expands with poster exhibit, Wall-To-Wall battle

    04 Mar 2015

    A short time ago in a neighborhood not so far away, an idea glowed so bright it threw its light upon other shapes and sounds and concepts that had once been hidden.