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Smith Mathews and Carly Wiggins

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Smith Mathews (brewmaster) and Carly Wiggins (marketing director) are founders of Southbound Brewing Company, Savannah’s only production microbrewery. Go to or send an email to


Beer Buzz: Georgia Beer Jobs bill hits capitol

04 Feb 2015

Craft breweries in the state of Georgia marked a huge milestone with the drop of the Georgia Beer Jobs bill at the capitol.


Beer Buzz: Seasons greetings and holiday beer

05 Jan 2015

Holidays are full of fun family get-togethers, travel, great food and of course, delicious brews.


Beer Buzz: Brewing is a business

23 Jun 2014

Brewing is most definitely a business. Although it is a fun and exciting industry to be involved with, a brewery is still a business like any other type of manufacturing company.


Beer Buzz: Food pairings not just for wine any more

23 Apr 2014

For decades, when people thought of food pairings, the automatic assumption would be using wine.


Beer Buzz: Georgia craft breweries need continued support

26 Feb 2014

You may have heard rumblings of a new law trying to be passed in Georgia regarding craft breweries. You may have even been asked to sign a petition or two. Do you know what you were supporting?


Celebrate end of Prohibition with America’s craft beers

18 Dec 2013

On Dec. 5, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.


Beer Buzz: Take a walk on Savannah's craft side

11 Apr 2013

The craft beer industry is defined by four very distinct markets: brewpubs, microbreweries, regional craft breweries and contract brewing companies.