The last time Irish singer/songwriter ChloŽ Agnew came to Savannah, she was on tour with world-renowned singing group Celtic Woman.

The last time Chloë Agnew came to Savannah, she was on tour with world-renowned singing group Celtic Woman. The Irish singer/songwriter says she is excited to return to showcase her solo career alongside Irish tenor Dermot Kiernan.

"Savannah is one of my favorite places to visit, " she says. "… And so many people have said, you have to make it to the Tybee Island theater. So, I'm excited to do a solo show and get to perform in a theater that people have raved about."

You'll get the chance to see Agnew perform live along with Kiernan during the special St. Patrick's Day Celebration at 7 p.m. March 11 at Tybee Post Theater. And for someone who calls Dublin, Ireland, her hometown, Agnew knows a thing or two about celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

"Most St. Patrick's days for the past 15 years, I've been busy performing and working," she says. "So, it's going to be fun to be near Savannah when the festivities get going.

"… I think the celebration has changed a little in Ireland. When I was growing up, it was primarily a holy day. … Now that the rest of the world celebrates it so fantastically, Ireland is starting to catch on, even though it’s still an important day… It’s amazing how many people travel to Ireland for St. Patrick's … It’s definitely a cool place to be."

As for her Irish-infused tunes, Agnew says she plans to perform some of the standard songs she knows people want to hear at her Tybee show, but she is also excited to bring her new music.

"I do meet-and-greets before the show and if someone comes in and asks me to play a song, I usually do — I love that. When we went out with Celtic Woman, we went for four months and we started and ended with the same playlist… It was great because it was consistent, but there is an artistic freedom I get when I do a show on my own and play it up each night — and play what people coming to the show want to hear… I like to keep it fresh."

Songwriting and storytelling are at the heart of her family-friendly show.

"We have this great tradition of storytelling in Ireland. … All the songs I chose for my show feature great storytelling… I like to incorporate some stories and … offer something for everyone.

"I like to think my show is very much a family show, so you can bring your kids and your grandparents and have a good time. It’s nice to have a chance to try to escape for two hours and let the music let you escape, have fun with me and get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit."

Agnew says she has spent the past year focused on putting together a new EP with four original tracks she wrote.

"It's kind of new direction for me," she admits. "I decided to try something different with this record, but it feels really cool and organic for me… I plan to release it in the next few months. For me, it’s a huge step forward because it’s the first time that an album is my own content… I'm nervous but excited."