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“The left lane of traffic is the fast lane of traffic; the right lane of traffic is the slow lane of traffic. So if you sit in the left lane and you’re blocking traffic, you deserve a ticket, because you’re going to cause a wreck with 25 cars behind you because you don't know how to drive.”

“The Savannah River Bridge; yes, perfect.”

“Trump wants to increase the number of guns available; this will cause even more people to die. There are already too many guns.”

“I heard a novel idea just recently: Why don't we put police satellite offices in each one of the schools? That way you will have a police presence while they're on duty. They can just pop in, pop out at any time. That would hold down the crime.”

“To the person who wants all guns confiscated in this country: Surely they know about Hitler and the Nazis. If they think gun confiscation would bring about peace, it didn't work out too well in Nazi Germany.”

“I heard they’re trying to ban alcohol on Orange Crush day [on Tybee] but what about the Fourth of July? What are they going to do about that; what’s the difference?”