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“Let's name the bridge for Ben Tucker. He was never a racist, he was always a gentleman, he brought joy to people through his music and he was a credit to Savannah.”

“After much turmoil, years and money spent trying to get things straightened out about separating the police departments, now they want to talk about consolidating city and county. Seems like that should have been their first thought.”

“Trump’s solution to gun violence is to make more guns available to teachers. This is the NRA solution to everything. Make more guns available.”

“Why is it that all Democrats are held responsible for gun control, but no Republicans are held accountable?”

“When is Savannah going to do something about the ‘homeless village’ underneath the north end of the Truman Parkway? It is an embarrassment and an eyesore for the city.”

“Since y'all took prayer out of school, the schools went to hell ever since, and may God have mercy on your souls.”

“The headquarters for the Girl Scouts of the USA is in New York City, the headquarters for the Girl Scouts of Georgia is in Atlanta, and Savannah is the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.”

“It's been several weeks since the person was found off of Mercy Boulevard in the ditch by Publix, and there's been nothing said by police or anybody about who this person was or how she died. Please, if you could help.”

“We can't get this generation to pay attention, but we gave them car keys and smart phones.”

“It's time to leave this silly notion about the confederate whatever in Forsyth Park. These are memorials to men who died for what they believed in. ... You don't change history by changing things in black and white. It’s ridiculous; grow up.”

“So now that Nathan Deen has decided to write on politics instead of sports, I guess I can call it fake sports.”

“I can't believe this new military budget. If we gave 10 percent of that to education, we would be the wisest nation in the world. Please, congressmen, reward our teachers and not arms merchants.”