The second annual F***ing Cool Women Society Variety Show benefits Planned Parenthood and supports cool women doing cool things.

The event, set for 7:30 p.m. March 22 at Sulfur Studios, includes performances by cool local women, including Kathleen Fritz, Elizabeth Rhaney, Lady Valore, Hannah Grace, Jessica Lynn Curtis, Joanne Morton and Nichelle Stephens.

Last year's event drew a standing-room-only crowd, where attendees watched poets, dancers, comedians, singers and artists all share their talents for “an evening of empowering inspiration.”

“More events [will] be added,” says Morton, the co-founder of the FCW Society, who is co-producing the event along with Stephens. “We will also have art for sale. We're making the art on the Sunday before the show.”

The germ for the idea of the society came when Morton made a video in the early '90s while living in Chicago attempting to answer the question “Why are women so f***ing cool?”

“I was going to interview 20 women to find this answer,” writes Morton in a blog post about the project. “Somewhere after the second woman, I realized that this was one question that was never going to find an answer. So, instead of trying to find the answer, I changed my focus to letting the audience hear other women talking about a f***ing cool woman in their lives and reminding them of the f***ing cool women they know.”

Morton explains that she was going through her “20-something, feminist, women-centered period” and was energized to “discover the spirit of sisterhood” through her video project, which she ended up screening at the Women in the Director's Chair International Film & Video Festival. A year after the project, Morton moved to New York, where she pursued a second installment based around email exchanges she initiated around the subject.

Morton eventually developed the idea of the FCW Society with friend Courtney McLean, where women could mutually support each other in a healthy environment. They began having monthly brunches where they would introduce new women to encourage and promote various feminist issues. This eventually grew into a formal FCW Society, which still maintains monthly private brunch sessions and an invite-only Facebook group.

Though the brunches and Facebook group are only open to members, the variety shows and other special events are their way of opening up the organization to others (cool women as well as cool men).

The upcoming variety show should be a great way for the cool people of Savannah to show their support and celebrate, respect, and empower the city's cool women.

As Morton proclaims, “Sisterhood is a powerful thing!”