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“No kissing during the St. Patrick's parade? Really? Well, good luck with that. I remember back around ’51 or ’52, my brother, a B.C. cadet, coming home after marching in the parade with lipstick on his cheek, and I'm sure there are others that can move this timeline back even further. It's a Savannah tradition.”

“Thanks, Savannah City Council, for teaching my 17-year-old that pot is no big deal, even though he can be expelled from his school for using it. And Savannah Morning News, the cover of Do [March 8] is pure class.”

“I was very much offended by the vulgarity of the picture on the front of the Do magazine for Thursday, March 8. What on Earth is this world coming to?”

“It's great being Irish, but it's even greater being Scottish.”

“As a retired battalion commander, I can tell you that marching in parades is basically a big pain in the butt. Getting a kiss on the cheek from a nice-looking young lady sure helps morale.”

“I know where you can get a reasonably [priced] home-cooked breakfast in this town: At home.”