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“People need to look within for answers. This violence and hatred is never the solution. Let's all love each other and work together.”

“Maybe gay couples are God’s solution to overpopulation and care for the unwanted and abused children produced by heterosexual couples. Love trumps hate.” 

“Michelle Aycock: Great article for parents with children with an IEP; however, I need to remind you that there are over 30,000 students in our local school system.”

“I applaud the new newspaper look; clean and much easier to read. I do question the overabundance of bold font. I also give Adam Van Brimmer a heads-up for his to-the-point style.”

“I'm not sure who's more nauseating: Mark Streeter or Mark Murphy.”

“Just received my March pension check and the crumbs arrived in the form of a nice tax cut in my federal withholding. I guess if Pelosi was in the speaker position, this would never have happened. Thanks, Republicans.”

“It’s because we love our children that we love our guns. We want them to grew up in a free society, not one run by a tyrannical government.”

“Every politician and community leader needs to work to reduce crime, drugs, violence, gangs and illegal guns in our communities today. Leave the past in the past.”

“Thank you very much to the person who paid our tab for dinner last night at Spanky's. You are very kind and generous. From a grateful Korean veteran.”

 “Thanks for the great column on local African-Americans who contributed a great deal. It's a nice way to conclude the celebration of Black History Month.”

“Just a little food for thought: All of you Mark Streeter bashers need to keep in mind, he does have freedom of speech. If you don't like that page, skip it.”

“Man, was I wrong. I thought bigotry and racism were over in America.”