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“Regarding the comment about the homeless people under the north end of the Truman Parkway being an eyesore: Remember that your luck, too, can change at the drop of a hat.”

“It seems that Theresa May of Great Britain has more intestinal fortitude than our President Donald Trump.”

“The kids walk out of school for gun safety. Why don’t they stand up for kids that are bullied every day and cyber bullied every day? That's what they need to stand up for.”

“This notice is to Fran, who took in the starving homeless cat on Wilmington Island: You are an angel. God bless you.”

“If those high school students who are all appalled by the excessive number of guns in their neighborhood truly want to make a difference, they should be rallying for a strong stop and frisk policy.”

“Congratulations on your new design for the paper; outstanding and most excellent. Please do continue it. I’m an old booger and this makes it so much easier to read.”

“The plaintiff who received the $18 million judgment did not have one of those advertised lawyers. Good for you.”